Agnes Fresh Face tests knowledge and wit; Rashika of B.Com wins the crown

Rashika a student of Ist B.Com was crowned ‘Miss Agnes Fresh Face’.

After five grueling rounds, where students was tested for knowledge, common sense, wit and ability to tackle stressful situations, Rashika a student of Ist B.Com was crowned ‘Miss Agnes Fresh Face’ on July 25.

The fresh face pageant has been a tradition in St Agnes College to welcome first years and serves as an interesting ice-breaker, giving the newly inducted students an opportunity to come out of their cocoons and showcase their talents.

In an exclusive interview with Team Agnes Ink, Rashika says that the event has increased her self confidence. “I was scared to face the crowd and in my previous school have not taken part in many competitions. This event definitely gave a boost to my confidence, and I feel I have lost stage fear” she says.

To win Agnes fresh face, the contestants had to go through 5 rounds.

Round 1 – Quiz – All students from Ist year were made to compulsorily participate in the quiz. Twenty questions from different subjects were asked, and students who scored more than 12 in the quiz were selected for the next round.

Round 2- Quick Pick – Students were paired and made to ask questions to each other. Whoever answered the questions fastest qualified for next round.

Round 3 – Situational Round – Students were given different situations and judged on how well they can tackle the same.

Round 4 – Treasure hunt – This was a fun round where students had to search for clues. The first four who found all the clues were the finalists. While the students were searching for clues, they were given various tasks by 3rd years such as singing songs or solving riddles.

Round 5 – Pick and Act – The final round has the finalists pick chits of a personality and promote a product in the particular celebrity’s style. Interesting characters like Salman Khan, Rakhi Sawant, VJ Andy were enacted by the finalists. Rashika picked VJ Andy and had to promote a rainbow coloured toilet seat, which won her the crown.

Report by: Bushra and Jesusya – Ist B.A


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